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Custom Miniatures

Custom Heroes and Monsters Are Here!



We've partnered with Titan Craft and Eldritch Foundry to bring custom heroes and monsters to Hot Goblin!

Each miniature maker is different so make sure you check both of them out to find the one most suited to your needs and preferences.


Titan Craft

Titan Craft

Titan Craft allows you to make all kinds of heroes, monsters and creatures. This site focuses on customization and gives you a lot of freedom allowing you to add, subtract, move and modify even single parts of your miniature. You can also make mounts!

Go to the Titan Craft page


Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry allows you to choose from a wide range of humanoids and customize them to your liking through an intuitive and streamlined interface. With a focus on distinctive design, it also offers a very large number of parts to choose from. Mounts are also an option.

Go to the Eldritch Foundry page




Other Supported Custom Miniature Makers

No need to buy the STL data


This is another website that lets you create your own heroes such as rogues, warriors, clerics, and so on. Like Titan Craft, all you have to do is send us the link to your creation and we will send you a quote. You don't need to purchase the STL data from Anvl.


Once you're done creating your hero, click the Share button at the top of the screen and copy the unique link. You can send it to us through our contact form or at

We will check the miniature that you sent us and you will receive an email with a product link.

You can't make changes to the miniature once you have purchased it. If you want to change anything in your miniature after you purchase it, you will have to buy it as a new product.



●Do I have to make an account on ANVL?
No. Hot Goblin is an ANVL licenced seller, so we only need the shareable link to your miniature. You don't have to register to ANVL or buy the file from them.

●Do I have to buy the miniature I send you?
No. We will send you a link to a product page, but you're not absolutely required to purchase it.


●Can other people buy the miniature that I created?
No. We can sell the ANVL miniature only to the person who created it so it won't be published on our store.


●What's the price of my miniature going to be?
It depends on the size and complexity of the miniature, but prices start at 1,200 yen.


●How can I tell the size of the miniature?
ANVL uses a 28mm scale, but you can also change the size of your character during character creation.


You have to buy the STL data


We also offer printing services for custom characters from Heroforge!

If you would like us to print characters created on each of these websites, you will need to purchase the digital file (STL).
Please send the file to We will check it and contact you with a quote.

The price to print your file will depend on the size and complexity of the model and it starts at around 1,200 yen per figure.

We will not sell miniatures made from your purchased STL to other people.