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Eldritch Foundry Custom

Make your own custom Hero!


We've partnered with Eldritch Foundry to bring more custom heroes to Hot Goblin!



What's Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry is a service that lets you create your original miniature. You can choose between a selection of humanoids and change their body parts, clothes, weapons, pose and more. By partnering with them we are able to print the miniatures you make on Eldritch Foundry here in Japan!

★The hero maker itself is free to use, you don't have to pay until you send us the link and decide to buy the miniature!


How to create your own hero

1.Go to

2.Customise your miniature


3.When your miniature is finished, click the "Share" button at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen.

4.Copy the link and send it to us through our contact form or at

We will check the miniature that you sent us and add it to our store in the Eldritch Foundry section.

When your miniature is published we will send you an email.


●Do I have to make an account on Titan Craft?
No. Hot Goblin is a Titan Craft licenced seller, so we only need the shareable link to your miniature. You don't have to register to Titan Craft or buy the file from them. 

●Do I have to buy the miniature I send you?
No. Every miniature that gets sent to us is added to the shop, but you're not absolutely required to purchase it.


●Can other people buy the miniature that I created?
Yes. When you send us the link to a miniature you made we publish it in the Hot Goblin Custom Miniatures section, so anyone can buy it. If you don't wish for other people to be able to buy the miniature you made, you can contact us and we will print it just for you. 


●What's the price of my miniature going to be?
The price will depend on many factors like the size and complexity of the model. Below are ballpark examples.
Small (25-35mm base) from 645 yen
Medium (50mm base) from 1,145 yen
Large (75mm base and above) from 1,945 yen


●How can I tell the size of the miniature?
In the menu on the left side of the screen, navigate to "Body", "Upper Body" and toggle the ruler icon next to the "Height" slider. You'll be able to see how tall you miniature is.
When you send us the link, we publish the miniature on this site and you'll be able to check the more detailed measurements.

Go to Eldritch Foundry and start making your miniature now!